Product Details
Product Details
  • Fabric:37%wool/43%polyester/10%acrylic/5%nylon/5%viscose; Lining:100%polyester; Fur:73%acrylic/27%polyester.

  • Snap closure

  • FITTED SIZE - Medium Size for 22.4"-23.2", 7 1/8- 7 3/8, 57-59CM; Large Size for 23.2"-24", 7 3/8- 7 5/8, 59-61CM.X-Large Size for 23.6"-24.4",7 1/2-7 3/4,60-62cm

  • STIFF LONG VISOR - keep the sun and snow out of eyes when doing exercise like Cycling, Skiing, Snowboarding, Camping, Hiking or Morning Workout.

  • EAR FLAPS & NECK WARMER - this wool winter hat just blends baseball cap and ear warmers into one; you can flip the earflaps up when it's not so cold, or flip flaps down to warm ears and neck.

  • SNAP BUTTON DESIGN ON FLAPS - the faux fur earflap, featured with 2 snap buttons, could be folded up and securely snapped; not only Functional, but also Stylish.

  • WASHING INSTRUCTION - Hand wash with cool water, air dry; or spot clean.

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